Smart working – How to dress stylish with the Personal Shopper’s advices

Smartworking : a word that, in times of health emergency like the ones we are experiencing, we have learned to use.

The so-called “agile work” certainly leads to a reinterpretation of what are the stylistic rules to use in working from home.

Did you think that working from home was all allowed in terms of outfits?

I’m sure I didn’t, but given the amount of S.O.S. I’m receiving from customers who ask me for suggestions, indications or cunning advice to present themselves at their best even working from home, I’d like to summarize some basic rules.

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ON LINE PERSONAL SHOPPER During my long experience, I started this activity back in 2004, as Personal Shopper, Image Consultant and Style Coach, I personally saw countless walk-in closets and wardrobes in my clients’ homes. And you have no idea how many secrets are hidden…

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Personal Shopper Experience

Personal Shopper experience Personal Shopper experience My name is Anna Maria Lamanna and I’m a Personal Shopper and an Image Consultant. I work here in Milan and I offer different service like: personalised shopping tour image consulting service fashion show atelier experience More information about…

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