Image Consulting

You are aware that the image is your first “business card” right?

Do you feel you don’t have a style that best identifies you?

Can’t choose what to wear quickly in the morning?

Do you find yourself always using the same clothes and the same colors?

Have you had the same cut and hairstyle for an indefinite number of years?

Is make-up an almost completely unknown topic for you?

It’s time for my TOTAL MAKE OVER service.

Total Make Over

I have chosen to call the complete IMAGE CONSULTANCY path “TOTAL MAKE OVER”  as there are precise steps that will lead you to achieve great results.

The first stage is the identification of your PERSONAL STYLE, i.e. we will collect together some reference images that can be a source of inspiration in creating your looks.

Just like the moodboards made by all the creatives in the fashion world!

Once you have identified what your PERSONAL STYLE will be it will be necessary to check whether, in your wardrobe, there are already items of clothing and accessories which, if correctly combined, could represent the style you would like to achieve.

The next and equally necessary step is the ANALYSIS OF THE SHAPES OF THE BODY (also called BODY SHAPE).

This is because you will have to become fully aware of your unique characteristics, your proportions and your strengths which we will make the most of by choosing the most enhancing combinations, shapes, fabrics and fits.

Next, I will offer you the ARMOCROMATIC analysis, i.e. the identification of the most valuable color palette for you in relation to your natural characteristics (skin tone, eyes and hair).

Finally, we will draw up a “SHOPPING LIST” aimed at purchasing those items of clothing and accessories necessary to complete the number of essential outfits so that you can wear your new style in your everyday life.

Naturally, the TOTAL MAKE OVER process will be complete only after having also examined the lines of the face, i.e. the shape, symmetries and proportions so as to be able to guide you in the best possible way even in choosing the ideal cut, the most enhancing and of the optimal eyeglass frame.

Migliora la tua vita ora!

However, if you think you don’t need such a complete and articulated path, you can also ask me for individual image consultancy services.

And remember to…

“Always value yourself”

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