Anna Maria Lamanna

Personal Shopper Milano

How did I get here? Let me tell you a little about myself.
Milan is the city where I was born, raised, and studied. I graduated in Public Relations from IULM in the early 90s and immediately started gaining professional experience with some of the most important Italian and international Fashion brands, quickly reaching the role of Fashion Coordinator.
My work often took me abroad, particularly to the United States where I discovered the profession of Personal Shopper & Image Consultant.
After more than a decade spent in style offices, photo shoots, and fashion shows, I took the so-called "leap of faith" and started my own business as a freelance professional, founding my own company: Personal Shopper Milano.
It was back in 2004.
And back then, I can assure you, very few people knew the meaning of the word Personal Shopper!
And in fact, the first few years were almost exclusively dedicated to foreign clients who, increasingly attracted by fashion, luxury, and above all Made in Italy, were looking for a figure who could accompany them on their shopping tours in Milan. My knowledge of materials, techniques, and styling allowed me to move easily in this sector and to quickly grow in visibility and prestige.
Starting from the client's needs, which can be an individual or a group, I organize personalized itineraries that allow for a unique and engaging experience.

Who I Am

Personal Shopper & Image Consultant

Over time, the role of the Personal Shopper has also spread throughout the country, but has been more specifically developed into the profession of Image Consultant.


They say about me

I have always believed that the best way to become known and successful in one's profession is to work with passion, seriousness, and dedication. And I have always done so.
You might say it's easy for me to say, but since it's not just me saying it, I've decided to share with you the testimonials, messages, and reviews that I have collected over the years from my clients.

Over time, the figure of the Personal Shopper has also spread throughout the national territory, but more specifically, it has evolved into the profession of Image Consultant, especially with Italian clients. This is due to the proximity of the location and the possibility of establishing a continuous relationship over time. As an Image Consultant, I offer a more complete and structured service that starts from the wardrobe, moves on to outfit styling, make-up, and hair styling, and ends with targeted shopping. I was one of the pioneers of this profession in Italy, especially in Milan, and due to the growing interest in this field, for almost a decade, I have been teaching and training specialized courses to prepare aspiring Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants. As part of my training activities, I also organize workshops for companies on image as a communication tool and dress code. Have I piqued your curiosity? Would you like to know more?