Wardrobe Organization

An orderly and well-organized wardrobe is the basis from which to start in order to create an appropriate image for every occasion.

Not sure where to start?

The Wardrobe Styling service is right for you!

What we will do?

DECLUTTERING: get rid of the superfluous! What doesn’t value you, is now out of fashion or is no longer in good condition will be destined to be set aside or, as I always say, it will make someone else happy!

REORGANIZATION: each garment and accessory will have the right location according to its functionality, its weight and the color variant.

COMBINATIONS: we will prepare together, reinterpreting what you already have, many ready-to-use total looks. The organization of the wardrobe will be entrusted to my directives and soon all your doubts will be resolved and you will discover that you have many more outfits than you imagine.

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