“Colour is a means of exerting a direct influence on the soul. Color is a key, the eye is the hammer that strikes it, the soul is the instrument with a thousand strings.”

V. Kandiskij

I would like to start from here to tell you about this experience that will lead you to the discovery of all those colors, with the relative nuances of tone, which go best with your natural chromatic characteristics.

The task of color is precisely to enhance everyone’s natural beauty and only by knowing one’s own natural characteristics can the ideal palette be identified.

In addition, the study of the shape of the face is carried out by specifically examining:

– perimeter lines
– symmetries
– proportions
– overall harmonies and disharmonies

The combination of the Armocromia and Face Shape service allows you to have all the elements to recreate an optimal styling of your face.
(from the shape of the eyebrows, to the make-up contouring techniques, to the frame of the glasses, to the hair cut just to name a few examples).

Are you also curious to know your chromatic season?

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