During my long experience, I started this activity back in 2004, as Personal Shopper, Image Consultant and Style Coach, I personally saw countless walk-in closets and wardrobes in my clients’ homes.

And you have no idea how many secrets are hidden in their closets!

Now I propose you to use my consulting services also online and I guarantee you great professionalism and certain results.

I have received hundreds of reviews that have defined the experience as really useful as well as fun and unusual.

What my clients say…


All you have to do is try!

The perfect outfit is probably already in your wardrobe and just waiting to be found, customized and worn!

How many times have you said to yourself: “I have a full wardrobe but I have nothing to wear?” – I bet a lot, right?

Well, don’t worry because thanks to my consulting service and online wardrobe restyling this won’t happen again!

Did you know that a lot of studies say that we only use 30% of what we have in our wardrobe? Do you know why ?

Because your wardrobe is probably poorly organized, too full, and the outfits are not ready to be worn.

What are we gonna do? I’ll have you rearrange your wardrobe for use, I’ll teach you how to tidy up and manage the space you have at your disposal and finally I’ll recommend you as many outfits as possible with your clothes and accessories.

An experience that will surely make you more aware of what you already have and that you probably did not use properly, will teach you how to properly match colors, how to make the most of the power of accessories.

You will rediscover yourself different and more aware without leaving home!




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