Smart working – How to dress stylish with the Personal Shopper’s advices



Smartworking : a word that, in times of health emergency like the ones we are experiencing, we have learned to use.

The so-called “agile work” certainly leads to a reinterpretation of what are the stylistic rules to use in working from home.

Did you think that working from home was all allowed in terms of outfits?

I’m sure I didn’t, but given the amount of S.O.S. I’m receiving from customers who ask me for suggestions, indications or cunning advice to present themselves at their best even working from home, I’d like to summarize some basic rules.

the FOCUS. Password that you have heard me pronounce often and that never before as in this moment is important to create a point / area of attraction in our outfit. Of course, working in smartworking mode the range of action is limited to the half bust, so be careful to create the stylistic focus of your outfit in this area by carefully choosing the cuts, patterns and accessories that go to dress the bust.

The MAKE-UO and the HAIRSTYLING. Also in this case I suggest you to create a focus that can be, depending on your preference of the moment, a more accentuated make-up on the lips or a refined harvest.

Remember that through a screen you can also dare a little more because the image will appear less strong to your interlocutor.

LIGHT. It is essential that the environment in which you are working has a good lighting or the effect of “slamming”. “sickly” or “aged.” The ideal would be natural light but in alterative, opt for warm lights I recommend.

The BACKGROUND. Here too, perhaps it goes without saying, but you should aim for neutral and light colours, i.e. all the shades of white, sand and turtledove that will go well with any outfit you decide to wear.

Analyzing more specifically I’ll summarize what I think is IN and what is OUT in my opinion at the time of SMARTWORKING


choose small fantasies and in not very contrasting colours
wear donor colors for tops/bluss/shirts
never forget the accessories, preferring necklaces and earrings.
bright and natural make-up base
alternate a lipstick access to a more sophisticated eye makeup
wear fabrics with a glossy and semi-glossy finish
choose cleavages that enhance the necklines according to the proportions of the bust, shoulders and breasts



total black
exasperated minimalism
necklines too conspicuous
sequins and sequins for tops and blouses
the combination necklace and flashy earrings
the hair too wild
overly marked makeup
And what do you think: smart working yes or no ?

I am waiting for your comments !


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