My 5 must have for June. Shopping with Personal Shopper

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In this strange spring that we spent a long time at home, we had few opportunities to go shopping except surfing online and letting ourselves be inspired by clothes and/or accessories that we didn’t even know if and when we would wear in the end.
Now with this air of newfound “almost normal”, the time has come for some intelligent shopping to make the most of the clothes and accessories that are already in our wardrobe.
Because let’s face it, it’s not that every year we need to do who knows how much shopping or redo the whole wardrobe, given the fact that we can afford it, but it would be useful to include those smart and modern pieces that will give a contemporary look to our outfit.
So what, in my opinion, are the 5 MUST HAVE to buy in June ?


A soft jacket, totally unstructured, to wear as if it were a cardigan. Place it on your shoulders over fluid trousers or light clothing to protect you from the evening breeze or temperature changes indoors. Choose it in a fluorescent colour that suits you best (all highlighter colours from yellow to fuchsia to bright blue). Each of your outfits will have an extra gear!


A little lolita, a little romantic and bon ton are back in style. They can be interpreted in a more professional version, with jacket and sandal or more sporty with sneakers. Strictly with floral print, with delicate pastel colours in perfect harmony with the way this month. Light, fresh and colourful are also a perfect choice for the suitcase !


Great comeback for the handmade, too. Whether it’s a top or a blouse, or a handbag, you can’t miss a piece in the summer wardrobe that looks like it was stolen from a grandmother’s closet. Beware of the “fattening” effect because they tend to weigh down the physicality so limit yourself to an accessory if you are “curvy”.


You either hate them or you love them, right? The more modern version has a rather futuristic shape, with a square sole and sculptured heel. Not very easy to wear, in the true sense of the word because you tend to lose them, they require great mastery and safety. Only for the most prepared !

ps. usually men hate them because, according to them, they are always slippers!


Between the hair in headband or turban ways, to tie a tail, twisted to the handle of a bag. A small square in coloured silk will surely succeed in giving you the gritty look you deserve! And then you want to put the comfort of being able to dominate the “wild” effect of the hair at sea when between wind and salt we do not know how to keep them at bay? Approved across the board.

And what do you think of these trends? I’m waiting for all your comments.

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